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Job Listings

In-Home Therapists/Counselors

In-Home Therapist/Counselor services are intensive psychotherapeutic services that focus on addressing emotional and behavioral challenges in children and adolescents, by providing skills and strategies to replace negative thoughts and behaviors and reinforce strengths. Services include helping family members improve communication and develop an effective approach to resolve conflicts. The purpose of these interventions is to strengthen the family, to provide family stability and to preserve the family constellation in the community setting. These services are flexible both as to where and when they are provided based on the family’s needs. This family-driven treatment is based on targeted needs as identified in the Individual Service Treatment Plan. Goals focus on the restorative functioning of the child/youth with the intention of:

  • Stabilizing the child/youth’s behavior(s) that led to the crisis,
  • Preventing/reducing the need for inpatient hospitalization,
  • Preventing the movement of the child/youth’s residence,
  • Preventing the need for out-of-home living arrangements.

In-Home Behavioral Assistants

In-Home Behavioral Assistants are therapeutic services that focus on addressing behavioral challenges in children and teenagers, by providing skills to replace negative behavior and reinforce strengths. Interventions are specific and outcome-oriented, and are components of an approved, written, detailed plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral healthcare practitioner.

Behavioral Assistance services involve applying positive behavioral principles within the community using culturally based norms to foster behaviors that are rehabilitative and restorative in nature. The intervention should result in sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve functioning, enhance the quality of life and strengthen skills in a variety of life domains including but not limited to:

  • Physical and mental well-being;
  • Interpersonal communications and relationships;
  • Socialization behaviors and activities;
  • Behavioral conduct;
  • Adaptive coping strategies and behaviors


Mentoring is designed to help at-risk youth become involved in community activities/supports in their community. In addition, the mentor, a positive and encouraging role model, offers support, guidance, and assistance to the youth.

Job Application
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